The Art department offers classes in digital media, photography and 2d and 3d art.

Two and Three Dimensional Studies

Two Dimensional Studies

Two dimensional art courses in Beginning and Advanced Drawing, Life Drawing, Two Dimensional Design and form.

These courses build core foundations in visual art. From there, learn painting, color, and watercolor. Students have opportunities to participate in individual study and research. Campus art displays highlight our students' skills.

All completed course offerings transfer as part of a degree program in visual arts.

Three Dimensional Studies

Create original, provocative three dimensional art as you experiment with form, function, design, color and learn the techniques associated with each craft. Student creations are showcased for a time each semester in the glass display cases in the Student Union.

Learn beginning through advanced hand building and wheel throwing techniques, glazing, firing, form, function, and overall  design in a creative studio environment. 

Glass fusing and slumping
From basic to advanced techniques, students learn glass fusing and slumping skills while making beautiful bowls, plates, jewelry and decorative objects. You will learn about glass types, compatibility, cutting, and firing. Come experience one of the easiest ways to work with glass and take home some unique objects.

Jewelry making
Whether you’re interested in learning the basic fundamentals of jewelry making, or in expanding your repertoire of advanced jewelry design techniques and practices, you will enjoy learning how to create your own original designs. GCC’s jewelry making classes will teach you hand formed methods, including cutting, shaping, forging, soldering, and lost wax technique.

ART Courses

Course Course Name
ART 100 Intro to Computer Graphic Art
ART 111 Drawing I
ART 112 Two-Dimensional Design
ART 113 Color
ART 115 Three-Dimensional Design
ART 116 Life Drawing I
ART 117 Life Drawing II
ART 118 Art Anatomy
ART 119 Penciling for Comic and Sequential Art
ART 120 Inking for Comic and Sequential Art




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Fine Arts students throw pottery in a ceramics class.