Art History & Humanities

How has art evolved over the centuries? What were the major influencers of change? Discover the fascinating history of Art and how it has shaped the world. As you learn about the significant achievements in art you will develop your sensitivity to the visual environment, a basis for critical judgment of individual works, and deeper appreciation of art.

Introduction to Art
Deepen your understanding and enjoyment of art through study of painting, sculpture, architecture design, photography, and decorative arts. This course explores contemporary topics and cultural diversity in the arts.

Prehistoric through Gothic Art
Explore the roots of art history from prehistoric through the medieval period.

Renaissance through Contemporary Art
Study the history of art from around the world from the Renaissance through contemporary period

History of Modern Art
Understand the development and significant aspects of modern art, including comparisons of relationships in expressionism, abstractions, fantasy, and art since mid-century.

History of Photography
Survey the of history of photography from beginning to present, with emphasis on the medium's impact upon society and other visual arts. Technical developments, aesthetic concerns, and individual photographers will be studied.

Art Humanities courses present major artistic, literary, and musical achievements in the world of culture. Learn how these milestones are interrelated and reflect their historical, philosophical, and social contexts. Courses emphasize linking human creative expression to roots in various global cultures to discover what makes us human.


HUM Courses

Course Course Name
HUM 108 Contemporary Humanities
HUM 190AA Honors Forum
HUM 190AB Honors Forum
HUM 190AC Honors Forum
HUM 205 Introduction to Cinema
HUM 206 Introduction to Television Arts
HUM 210 Contemporary Cinema
HUM 213 Hispanic Film
HUM 245 Introduction to Holocaust Studies
HUM 250 Ideas and Values in the Humanities


ARH Courses

Course Course Name
ARH 100 Introduction to Art
ARH 101 Prehistoric Through Gothic Art
ARH 102 Renaissance Through Contemporary Art
ARH 112 History of Modern Art
ARH 115 History of Photography



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