Digital Cinema Arts students get hands on experience in all aspects of video production.

Digital Cinema Arts

Degrees & Certificates

The Digital Cinema Arts program combines technical, artistic and historic elements of film and television production.

Study all major production areas, including script writing, photography, audio, lighting, directing and editing.

In small classes students learn with hands-on activities, guest lectures by industry experts in the community, and field trips to production studios.

Using industry-standard AVID software and one of the only Sony Red video cameras in the Valley, our faculty teach students skills that can prepare them for a career media production.

VPT Courses

Course Course Name
VPT 102 Video Technology
VPT 104 Scriptwriting
VPT 105 Studio Production
VPT 106 Digital Video Effects
VPT 108 Video Production
VPT 110 Studio Production
VPT 114 Audio Production
VPT 204 Advanced Video Production
VPT 206 Directing
VPT 208 Production Company Management


TCM Courses

Course Course Name
TCM 111 Screenwriting I
TCM 112 Writing the Situation Comedy Spec Script
TCM 117 Introduction to Cinematography
TCM 134 Pre-Production for Motion Picture and Television
TCM 135 Production for Motion Picture and Television
TCM 136 Post-Production for Motion Picture and Television
TCM 151 Broadcast Production
TCM 211 Screenwriting II
TCM 260 Film/Video Producing and Financing
TCM 285AC Special Topics: Motion Picture/Television Production


Lab Technician


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