Programming & System Analysis (AAS)

Program Information


The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program provides an in-depth exploration of different computer language and technical skills. Includes, but is not limited to the following: operating systems, local area networks, business communication, team roles, and dynamics. A Certificate of Completion (CCL) is also available.

Sequencing Notes:

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses within the program.

Advising Notes:

Any prerequisites for elective CIS courses may determine in which semester they can be taken. Also some courses are only offered in one semester each academic year at GCC. Consultation with the Program Director is recommended for selection and sequence of electives. 
Prerequisites for courses in this program may necessitate a student taking up to 9 additional credits above the 64-67 required. These additional courses are reflected in the suggested semester-by-semester sequence below. 
Name SID


Recommended Course Sequence

Semester I 15-17 Credits Grade Sem/Year

GCC will accept MST150SV in lieu of MST150 or MST150VI or MST150XP.

ENG101 First-Year Composition OR 3    
ENG107 First-Year Composition for ESL 3    
MAT150 College Algebra / Functions OR 5    
MAT151 College Algebra / Functions OR 4    
MAT152 College Algebra / Functions 3    
CIS105 Survey Computer Info Systems 3    
CIS 126DA UNIX Operating System OR 3    
CIS 126DL LINUX Operating System OR 3    
MST 150 Microsoft Windows Professional OR 3    
MST 150XP Microsoft Windows XP Professional OR

MST150VI Microsoft Windows Vista Administration (3)

CIS224 Project Management Microsoft Project for Windows 3    
Semester II 12-19 Credits Grade Sem/Year
Credits for CIS133DA are not included in degree total, but it is a prerequisite to web scripting courses in Semester III. This course may be waived by Program Director based on student background, experience, and skills. Similarly the credits for CRE101 are not included in the credits for the program, but course is required for degree completion; students can test exempt from this requirement with a high enough score on their assessment test. 
CIS150 is not currently offered at GCC; it may be available at other MCCCD colleges. At GCC, CNT140AA will be substituted for CNT140. 
Enrollment in more than 18 credits will require special admission. Student may wish to consider taking one or more of these courses during summer session to lighten load this semester. 
CRE101 College Critical Reading OR

Equivalent as indicated by assessment.

COM100 Introduction to Human Communication OR 3    
COM110 Interpersonal Communication OR 3    
COM225 Public Speaking OR 3    
COM230 Small Group Communication

(COM100AA AND COM100AB AND COM100AC) or (COM110AA and COM110AB) are other options that are not available at GCC.  Students may inquire at other Maricopa Community Colleges if interested in these options.

CIS 150AB Object-Oriented Programming OR

CIS150 Programming Fundamentals (3)

CIS 133DA Internet/Web Development Level I OR

Permission of Program Director 0-3 

MST140 Microsoft Networking Essentials OR

CIS190 Introduction to Local Area Networks (3)


CNT140 Cisco Networking Fundamentals (4) 3-4 

CIS159 Visual Basic Programming I OR 3    
CIS 162AD C#: Level I OR

CIS162++ Any C Programming Level I course (3)

CIS 163AA Java Programming: Level I 3    
Semester III 18 Credits Grade Sem/Year
Students wishing to take CIS217AM as their Database Management course in Semester IV will need to take its prerequisite, CIS117DM, this term. CIS117DM is not included in the credits required to complete this program. CIS119DO and CIS276DA are alternative options to satisfy the Database Management requirement that do not require a prerequisite course. GCC will also accept CIS276DA as a fourth option in satisfaction of this requirement. 
ENG102 First-Year Composition OR 3    
ENG108 First-Year Composition for ESL 3    
ECN211 Macroeconomic Principles OR 3    
ECN212 Microeconomic Principles OR 3    
SBU200 Society & Business 3    
ACC111 Accounting Principles I 3    
CIS 225AB Object-Oriented Analysis and Design OR

CIS225 Business Systems Analysis and Design (3)


CIS250 Management Information Systems 3    
CIS 166AA Introduction to Javascripting OR 3    
CIS 166AC Web Scripting with ASP.NET OR 3    
CIS 166AE Web Scripting with PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)

CIS166, CIS166AB, CIS166AD, and CIS166AF are not currently offered at GCC; they may be available at other MCCCD colleges. 

CIS 117DM Microsoft Access: Database Management OR

CIS119DO Introduction to Oracle: SQL (3)


CIS 276DA MYSQL Database 3    
Semester IV (Spring) 16-19 Credits Grade Sem/Year
CIS217AM is not required if student completed CIS119DO or CIS276DA in Semester III. 
CIS262AD is not currently offered at GCC; it may be available at other MCCCD colleges. CIS263AA is only available at GCC in the spring semester. 
Two Intermediate (Level II) programming courses (6 credits) are required for degree completion. 
Enrollment in more than 18 credits will require special admission. Student may wish to consider taking one or more of these courses during summer session to lighten load this semester. 
NS ANY Any approved General Education course from the Natural Sciences area. 4    
HU ANY Any approved General Education course from the Humanities, Arts and Design area. 3    
CIS251 Computer Game Development -Level II AND/OR 3    
CIS259 Visual Basic Programming II AND/OR
CIS262 C Programming II (3) AND/OR 
CIS262AB C++: Level II (3) AND/OR 
CIS262AC Visual C++: Level II (3) AND/OR 
CIS262AD C# Level II (3) AND/OR 
CIS 263AA Java Programming: Level II AND/OR 3    
CIS 217AM Advanced Microsoft Access: Database Management

(If needed; see term note) 0-3 

GBS233 Business Communication 3    

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