Microsoft Networking Technology (AAS)

Program Information

Effective: Fall 2012

Program Code: 3778

Total Program Credits: 60-67

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Microsoft Networking Technology program is designed to develop skills needed to implement a network infrastructure and install, configure, monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot Windows server and Windows client workstations. Courses in the program are also designed to help prepare for Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MCP) examinations.

Typical tasks of a Microsoft Networking Administrator include developing a local area network, installing and configuring software, creating and managing user and group accounts, analyzing and optimizing system performance, troubleshooting system and printing problems, interoperating with various operating systems, and working as a system administrator.

Program Notes:

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses within the program.
+ indicates course has prerequisities and/or corequisites.

Advising Notes:

CIS105 is a program prerequisite that is not included in the total credits for this program. Students might consider taking one or more general education courses during summer sessions to have a more manageable number of credits during each semester.

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Recommended Course Sequence

Semester I 14-15 Credits Grade Sem/Year

CIS105 may be waived by Program Director based on student background and experience; such students should plan to take an Oral Communications course this semester (instead of Semester IV) to even their credit load between terms. Other students might consider taking this general education course during a summer session.

Prerequisite for CIS221AB may also be waived for students with appropriate background.

CIS 105 Survey Computer Info Systems Or

Permission of Department or Division   0-3

CIS 121AB Microsoft Command Line Operations OR

+ CIS221AB Microsoft Power Shell (1) 1

CIS 102 Interpersonal and Customer Service Skills for IT Professionals 1    
RE ANY Restricted Electives

select from list of course options below 3-4

ENG 101 First-Year Composition OR 3    
ENG 107 First-Year Composition for ESL 3    
MA ANY Any approved general education course from the Mathematics area. 3-5    
Semester II 16-18 Credits Grade Sem/Year

Students should take a minimum of 3 credits of Restricted Electives this semester. Those who test exempt from CRE101 should take additional Restricted Elective course(s) this semester to better balance credits between terms.

A combination of CIS126++ Unix or Linux course(s) totaling 3 credits is required for this program.  Students may need to check offerings at other MCCCD colleges if desired course is not available at GCC.

BPC 170 Computer Maintenance: A+ Exam Prep Level I 3    
CIS 126AA UNIX Operating System: Level I And 1    
CIS 126BA UNIX Operating System: Level II And 1    
CIS 126CA UNIX Operating System: Level III 1    
CIS 126DA UNIX Operating System Or

CIS126+L Any  Linux Operating Systems (any module[s]) 3

RE ANY Restricted Electives

select from the list of course options below 3-8
(see Semester II notes)

CRE 101 College Critical Reading OR

Equivalent as indicated by assessment 0-3

NS ANY Any approved General Education course from the Natural Sciences area. 4    
Semester III 15-17 Credits Grade Sem/Year

CIS190 is an option that is not offered at GCC but may be available at other MCCCD colleges.

MST140 and MST150EI are scheduled at GCC so that both may be completed in the same semester.

CNT 140AA Introduction to Networks OR 4    
MST 140 Microsoft Networking Essentials

+ CIS190 Introduction to Local Area Networks (3) 3-4

MST 150EI Configuring Windows 8 OR 3    
MST 150SV Microsoft Windows 7 Configuration OR

MST150 Microsoft Windows Professional (3) OR
MST150++ Any Microsoft Windows (any module) (3) 3

ENG 102 First-Year Composition OR 3    
ENG 108 First-Year Composition for ESL 3    
SB ANY Any approved General Education course from the Social Behavioral Sciences area. 3    
RE ANY Restricted Electives

select from list of course options below 3-4

Semester IV 16-21 Credits Grade Sem/Year

A total of 14-15 credits of Restricted Electives are required for the degree. Complete enough additional elective courses this semester to reach that minimum.

Course to meet Oral Communications area is required this semester unless completed in an earlier semester.

Enrolling in more than 18 credits will require special permission. Students having that many credits remaining to complete should consider taking one or more courses during a summer session.

MST 158DA Windows Server Administration OR 4    
MST 158DB Installing & Configuring Windows Server OR

+ MST158++ Any Windows Server Administration (any module) 4

MST 155DA Windows Server Network Infrastructure Configuration OR 4    
MST 155DB Configuring Advanced Windows Server Service OR

+ MST155++ Any Windows Network Infrastructure (any module) (3-4) 3-4

MST 157DA Active Directory Windows Server Configuration OR 4    
MST 157DB Administering Windows Server OR

+ MST157 Implementing Windows Directory Services (3) OR
+ MST157++ Any Active Directory Windows Server Configuration (any module) (3-4) 3-4

HU ANY Any approved General Education course from the Humanities, Arts and Design area. 3    
COM 100 Introduction to Human Communication OR 3    
COM 110 Interpersonal Communication OR 3    
COM 225 Public Speaking OR 3    
COM 230 Small Group Communication

(see Semester IV notes)

RE ANY Restricted Electives

select from list of course options below 0-4

Restricted Electives 14-15 Credits Grade Sem/Year
A total of 14-15 credits of restricted electives selected from list below required for the program. Courses selected cannot apply in both Required Courses and Restricted Electives area. 
Total of all credits completed toward the program (Required Area, General Education and Resticted Electives) must meet a minimum of 60 credits. 
RE ANY Restricted Electives

BPC171 Recycling Used Computer Technology (1) 3
(BPC171 may be repeated)

+ BPC270 Computer Maintenance II: A+ Technician Prep 3

+ CIS238+++ Any Advanced Linux System Administration(any module) 3
+ CIS239++ Any Linux course (any module) except CIS239DC 3

+ CIS240 Local Area Network Planning and Design (3) OR
+ CIS240++ Any Linux course (any module) (3) 3

+ CIS270 Essentials of Network and Information Security 3

+ CIS15+ Any CIS programming language (3) AND/OR
+ CIS15+++ Any CIS programming language (any module) (3) 3

+ CIS16+ Any CIS programming language (3) OR
+ CIS16+++ Any CIS programming language (any module)(3) 3

CIS280 Current Topics in Computing (3) OR
CIS280++ Current Topics in Computing (any module) 1-3


Students may select no more than four (4) credits combined from CIS282AA-AC, CIS290AA-AC and CIS296WA-WD courses.

+ CIS282++ Volunteerism for Computer Information Systems: A Service Learning Experience (any suffixed course) (1-3) OR
+ CIS290++ Computer Information Systems Internship (any suffixed course) (1-3) OR
+ CIS296++ Cooperative Education (any suffixed course) (1-4) 1-4

+ CNT+++++ Any CNT Cisco Network Technology course 4
+ ITS+++++ Any ITS Information Technology Security course 3-4
+ MST141 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 3

+ MST152 Microsoft Windows Server (4) OR
+MST152++ Any Microsoft Windows (any module) (4) 4

+ MST244 Microsoft SQL Server Administration 3
+ MST259 Designing Windows Network Security 3
+ MST298A+ Special Projects (any suffixed course) 1-3
+CWE198++ Career Work Experience (any suffixed course) 1-3


Course Check Sheets


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