Healthcare Technology Systems (AAS)

Program Information

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Healthcare Technology Systems degree is designed to develop the knowledge, technical skills and problem solving strategies needed by IT departments of healthcare organizations. Includes in-depth training in web development, programming, database management, system development, and project management for healthcare IT endeavors.

A Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Healthcare Technology Systems is also available.

Admission Criteria

Formal application and acceptance into the program. Students must submit application for admission into the program prior to enrollment in HTM200. Admission is contingent upon verification that student has met program prerequisites.

Program Notes

This is a shared program between Glendale Community College (GCC) and Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC). Many of the courses for this program are available at both campuses, in-person and/or online. If one or more of your courses are not available at GCC, check the course offerings at PVCC.

You must earn a grade of C or better in all courses required within this program.

One or more prerequisite courses may be waived by the Program Director depending on your experience and prior skills.

If you are transferring to a state university, you should select general education requirement courses with designation values.

For assistance with course selection, contact an Academic Advisor or the Program Director.

Apply for graduation when enrolling for your final semester.

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