General Business (CCL)

Program Information

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in General Business is designed to provide business training for various entry-level positions in business. The courses include an introduction to business concepts, accounting and computer principles, and legal issues related to business. An Associate in Applied Science (AAS) is also available.

Program Notes

You must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses required within the program.

A total of nine (9) credits of Restricted Electives (REs) are required for this certificate. You may distribute between semester terms depending on their interests, schedule, and course availability. You should also consider the prerequisites of their preferred elective courses in their academic planning.


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Recommended Course Sequence

Semester I 12 Credits Grade Sem/Year
ACC 111 Accounting Principles I 3    
CIS 105 Survey Computer Info Systems 3    
GBS 151 Introduction to Business 3    
GBS 205 Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Business 3    
Semester II 9 Credits Grade Sem/Year

A total of nine (9) credits of Restricted Electives (REs) are required for the certificate.

RE ANY Restricted Electives

(Select 9 credits from the list of Restricted Electives below.)

Restricted Electives Grade Sem/Year

Choose any combination of the following courses for a total of nine (9) credits.

ACC 107 Bookkeeping Theory & Practice 4    
ACC 109 Accounting Concepts 3    
ACC 111 Accounting Principles I 3    
ACC 112 Accounting Principles II 3    
ACC 115 Computerized Accounting 2    
ACC 211 Financial Accounting 3    
ACC 212 Managerial Accounting 3    
ACC 219 Intermediate Accounting I 3    
ACC 220 Intermediate Accounting II 3    
ACC 221 Tax Accounting 3    
ACC 230 Uses of Accounting Information I 3    
ACC 240 Uses of Accounting Information II 3    
ACC 298AB Special Projects OR

Any ACC (Accounting) prefixed courses not listed under the Required Courses area (1-9 credits)

GBS ANY Any General Business (GBS) course

not listed under the Required Courses area (1-9 credits)

IBS 101 Intro to Intrnatnl Bus OR

Any IBS (International Business) prefixed courses (1-9 credits)

MGT ANY Any Management (MGT) course

(1-9 credits)

REA 179 Real Estate Principles I 3    
REA 180 Real Estate Principles II 3    
REA 290AH Real Estate Seminar: Contract Writing OR

Any REA (Real Estate) prefixed courses (1-9 credits)

SBS 200 Small Business Operations 2    
SBS 202 Small Business Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation 1    
SBS 203 Financing and Cash Management For a Small Business 1    
SBS 204 Small Business Marketing and Advertising 2    
SBS 213 Hiring & Managing Employees 1    
SBS 215 Managing Stress in Small Business 1    
SBS 217 Starting/Managing a Home Business 1    
SBS 218 Establishing an Import/Export Business 1    
SBS 220 Internet Marketing for Small Business 2    
SBS 290AC Developing a Practical Marketing Plan for a Small Business OR

Any SBS (Small Business Management) prefixed courses (1-9 credits)

CIS 114DE Excel Spreadsheet 3    
CIS 117DM Microsoft Access: Database Management 3    
CIS 133DA Internet/Web Development Level I 3    

Course Check Sheets


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