Advanced Behavioral Health Sciences (AAS) - Grief and Bereavement Recovery Track

Program Information

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Advanced Behavioral Health Sciences program is designed to prepare students for careers as behavioral health technicians, case managers, parent aides, family advocates, respite care workers, and paraprofessional counselors. The program includes courses designed to provide students with the skills necessary to deliver basic, specialized, and comprehensive behavioral health services. The core focus of the program is practical training and service learning experiences.

In addition to the Grief and Bereavement Recovery Track, the following Advanced Behavioral Health Sciences  program tracks are available at GCC:

Program Notes

This degree program includes an embedded CCL in Advanced Behavioral Health Sciences: Grief and Bereavement Recovery.

You must earn a grade of C or better for all courses within the program.

The semesters in which general education courses (SB, HU, COM, and SQ/SG) are suggested are flexible and may be switched in sequence. You should consider taking general education courses during summer sessions in order to distribute your credits more evenly between the semesters and reduce your load during the academic year.

To enroll in more than eighteen (18) credits, you must obtain college approval. If you need to reduce your academic load, you should consider taking general education courses during the summer session.

For more information, contact an Academic Advisor or the Program Director.

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